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1 year ago
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What are you doing to go green? In light of Plastic Free July, we encourage you to go green by finding alternatives to everyday plastics!

Not only can you purchase a pack of reusable, durable, ... See more

1 year ago
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According to National Geographic, about 18 billion pounds of plastic ends up in the ocean each year. Not only does it end up in the ocean, but it stays there. It’s time to make a change. ... See more

1 year ago
Last Straw For Plastic Straws? Cities, Restaurants Move To Toss These Sippers

Is it finally the last straw for plastic straws? These cities are taking steps towards banning single-use plastics, such as straws! ... See more

As awareness grows about the environmental toll of single-use plastics, U.S. retailers and regulators alike are finding ways to decrease their use. And straws have become a prime target.

1 year ago
Help Us Change the Tide of Plastic Pollution - Ocean Conservancy

Together we can help protect our oceans and marine life from plastic pollution.

#plasticfree #plasticpollution #environment #ecofriendly #metalstraws #noplasticplease

It’s only together that we can protect our ocean from plastic pollution

1 year ago
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Sunshine Straws can travel with you on all of your adventures.
Buy your pack today!

#sippinonsunshine #metalstraws #travelblog #eco #travel

1 year ago
St. Petersburg pushes forward with plans to ban plastic straws

Saint Petersburg, Florida is making strides towards no longer using plastic straws. #jointhemovement and buy your reusable, travel-friendly, durable, stainless steel Sunshine Straws today! ... See more

There are about 100 St. Petersburg businesses that have slowed its usage of plastic straws or completely eliminated using plastic straws.

1 year ago
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Our metal straws do not just have a trendy look, but they are durable and ideal for just about any drinking experience imaginable! Buy your Sunshine Straws and start #sippinonsunshine ... See more

1 year ago
Atwood: 'If the ocean dies, so do we'

"Something has to be done about plastic going into the ocean and it has to be done pretty quick... That's where 60-80% of the oxygen that we breathe comes from,"- author Margaret Atwood ... See more

Speaking at a climate change conference in London, author Margaret Atwood supported a ban on single use plastic.

1 year ago
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During beach clean ups, plastic straws are one of the most common items collected. If we do not take action soon, it is estimated that by 2050, there will be more plastic in our oceans than there are ... See more

1 year ago
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Our eco-friendly travel bag includes a variety of three metal straws and an on the go straw cleaner to ensure your Sunshine Straws stay clean and ready to use! Where are your Sunshine Straws today? ... See more

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